Sights of the island of Korčula

Various tourist attractions for everyone

The island of Korčula is the sixth in size, but also the most populated Croatian island. The town bearing the same name, famous around the world for the well-known traveller, Marco Polo, is situated on the nort-eastern part of the island, offering numerous interesting activities to many tourists who visit Korčula from all around the world.

The town is surrounded by its towers and walls, and among cultural monuments the most striking are St.Mark's Cathedral, numerous museums, churches and art collections.

The island is well-known for its attractive and intriguing sword dances, the tradition of which has been preserved up to the present day. These are as follows: Moreška“ from the town of Korčula, „Moštra“ from Žrnovo and „Kumpanija“ from Blato, Smokvica and Čara.